Trade and commerce are the cornerstones of thriving and developing nations.  The Principality is collaborating with various countries and businesses to forge new projects together.  They build upon common goals and objectives to provide access to emerging populations with growing demands for goods and services.  This is especially relevant in the changing reality of today’s socio-economic demographics.


The Principality of San Bernardino is working together with a global agency to provide unified service to Refugees and Displaced Persons for which they are assisting.   Various nations are experiencing a tremendous drain on their resources in support of the refugees and displaced persons who are seeking refuge from war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and terrorism.  We believe that it is our duty as global citizens to stand with these nations and assist them to alleviate the strain on their existing population and citizens, that exhaust their limited land, physical, financial, and relief resources.  


Education is the foundation for sustainability.  The Principality supports and encourages all citizens to invest in themselves, their children, and the legacy of our people through all educational and personal development means.  The strength of our people will be determined in part, by their embracing the requirement to invest in themselves, for a stronger future and in support of sustained growth of our Principality.  Learning from our neighbors and experts in every field of intellectual and practical advancement will provide the solid foundation for not only our generation and those to come but empower our citizens to reach out across the globe.