The Principality of San Bernardino is independent and sovereign, legitimately subject to International Law and exercising sovereign functions equal to a foreign country; as such it is entitled to the rights and obligations arising from the International Judicial Organization; Tax and Judicial Immunities are under its jurisdiction as judicial concern of states; consequently, the measures taken by its Courts count as Jurisdictional Provisions of a foreign country.

The Principality of San Bernardino is the most modern State in the world. In the age of globalization, it does not have “boundaries” because its own territory or better, its own territories are located in areas,(especially islands) abandoned or neglected by their former sovereign States and from these it has obtained extraterritorial property rights. The Principality of San Bernardino is really, therefore the first International State, better still intercontinental. It has or will have territories in all five continents.


On the top of a hill, surrounded by a centennial park, from where one can look out over the beautiful landscape of mountains, hills, plains, scattered villages and castles, the Villa de Miotti Braida (Tricesimo, UD) is, as from June 2014, the Principality’s official Residence. The Residence is home to cultural, sporting, scientific and humanitarian events.


The deed of independence with recognition of a sovereign state, a legitimate subject of international law and exercising the sovereign functions, has been drafted on September 30th , 2013 at a public notary in the Republic of San Marino and confirmed with Apostille No. 1016/2013 of 07 / 10/2013 signed by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Marino.


The functions of government appertain to His Serene Highness Gianni Rolando of San Bernardino, democratically elected – by popular consultation – Prince of San Bernardino, who has drawn up the Constitution of the Principality together with the members of the newly formed government.

The Government of the Principality is chaired by the Prince and consists of the Minister of Treasury, the Minister of Relations with Institutions of the Principality, the Minister of  Solidarity, the Minister of  Foreign Affairs, The Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Work.

The exercise of the Legislative Function is responsibility of the Senate of the Principality.

The Court of Auditors oversees and controls the costs of all the assets of the Principality.

The sources of the Law of the Principality of San Bernardino are the Constitution, the Legislative Provisions, the Codes; the International Agreements; the Customs.


The ambassadors of the Principality of San Bernardino have undertaken discussions with all sovereign states in order to ensure recognition of the Principality by the great powers with which to sign bilateral agreements in terms of diplomatic, humanitarian and international relief interventions.


The Principality of San Bernardino is an island located in the Red Sea, between the west coast of Yemen and Eritrea, which is part of the Jebel Zubair island group


The flag of the Principality is tricolor with a green triangle, a white diagonal with a central shield surmounted by the crown and a red triangle.


The official languages of the Principality are Italian, English and French.