Sergio ZICARI / Minister of the Interior

How could anyone give the best of himself in the course of his professional life, or in the voluntary social and political commitment within  his  own  community,  if  his  personal  life  were  plagued by

disharmony or economic hardship? “Physician heal thyself” and “ Cleanse first the interior of the cup and of the dish, so that the outside may be clean” are two known examples that remind us that in order to do anything outside, we must ensure that inside has been placed in order. This applies for individuals, for profit and non-profit organizations, as well as for the States to be represented.

There is no ordering of the State that does not include among its origins, a Ministry of the Interior. An issue of citizenship, security, and immigration relations, between the State and religions, and the protection of our youth is a major challenge for all countries.

For an atypical state, such as the Principality of San Bernardino, with purpose and goals to create a worldwide network of a thousand of islands in the world (see the doctrine of the State intelligent) and as a consequence, a super fragmentation of those who are its “internal”, management issues mentioned, requires a sincere effort and a vision for the future.

Within this unified body of a planned population in growth that has no equal in the world, from a few thousand to millions of individuals within years to come. It will clear, the level of commitment whereby all will be involved, at every position within the Ministry of the Interior.

This is a firm commitment to our citizens and to all organizations of the Principality that sustains a vocation to be a strong and effective in support to every country on earth, to protect each citizen with the assurance of freedom to choose, and ability to work towards a common goal of equality and prosperity.